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Mase cuti deepavali hari tuh, trtengok la tv9 waktu tghari, tup2 ade drama filipina baru, IMPOSTORA
(the Impostor)
cerita die best la jugak, cam biasa la, ade anak kembar yg dipisahkan, makcik jahat, sepupu licik, rebutan harta
yg jadik org jahat tu sape lagi kalo bukan JEAN GARCIA yg brlakon jahat Pangako Sa Yo ngn Kay Tagal tuh
ni sinopsis dr wikipedia

An intruiging story of love, greed and deception. The story starts out with the birth of the conjoined twins Lara and Sara(Calzado). Their parents wanted them to live a normal life, so at the right age, they were separated through operation. But this separation proved to be more of a curse than a blessing. Because of their half-uncle's hatred towards their father(Sarmienta) and the greed of their aunt Betty(Garcia), their lives will turn to a living hell, leaving their mother (De Belen) no choice but to separate them and give them for adoption. Lara experienced first hand the cruelty of her aunt Betty and her diabolical cousin Vanessa(Dizon). She escaped and was taken care of by a good samaritan. She grew up to become a beautiful, head-strong woman with the desire to find her sister and to extract revenge on the people who made their lives a living hell. Meanwhile, Sara was adopted by a family who never wanted her. Because of a freak accident, her face was burned and grew up to become a deformed, weak woman. But this changed when she meets Leandro(Alandy). Because of the problem with a local gangster and the desire to be normal again, she agrees for plastic surgery. But when she looks at her reflection, she sees another face. She then realizes that this is all just an elaborate plot of another woman, her forgotten cousin, Vanessa. While she is away with her lover Leandro in some far away paradise spending the stolen money from her husband, Nicolas (Fernandez), Sara will become her "double" and experience all the punishment that is due for her and to fool everyone as if she never left. At first, it was hell, all of the people thinking that they are extracting revenge on Vanessa. But because of her good heart, she manages to make everyone love "the new Nessa" and starts to love the family the real Vanessa never appreciated. But suddenly the real Vanessa comes back to claim her rightful place. Is this the end of the life she always dreamt of? And how about Lara? Will she figure out that the woman she's planning to kill is in fact her own sister.

citer ni ade 80 episod 30 minit
so kt tv9 tayang 2 episod sekaligus
adela 40 episod
tk bnyk iklan pulak tuh waktu tngahari camnih
so sesape yg free tuh, tngokla yer
saye hanye free dr pkol 12.30 tghari...

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 Author| Post time 31-10-2008 09:31 PM | Show all posts
owh lupe pulak
citer ni dubbing Bahasa Melayu,
bukan pakai subtitile
so bear with the voices lah

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Post time 31-10-2008 09:33 PM | Show all posts
my mom peminat setia citer nih.......

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Post time 31-10-2008 10:05 PM | Show all posts
Jean Garcia my faveret!

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Reply #1 lucero's post

waah, sinopnyerr cam best...

TQ for open this thread cos dah lama dah cam tak de new open pinoy thread

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Post time 1-11-2008 10:28 AM | Show all posts
baca kt wikipedia, rating paling tinggi mengalahkan "Marimar"   surely cite nih besh kan???   pastuh cite ni under GMA   no wonder la

oke, ni main cast cite "Impostora"

[source : PEP]

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Post time 1-11-2008 10:34 AM | Show all posts
ni hero nye kot   Mark Anthony Fernandez (which is hero dlm cite Sam Soon ver. pinoy )

[source : GMA]

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Reply #7 shanew3stgalz's post

tak ensem

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Post time 1-11-2008 10:33 PM | Show all posts

Reply #8 Eddlisa_uyuk's post

x encem ea??

for me, hero pinoy bnyak hot2

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Post time 11-11-2008 01:06 PM | Show all posts
x de sape kew layan cite nihhh???   besh la cite nihh ;)

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Post time 12-11-2008 10:26 PM | Show all posts
dah tau ending...dpt kt cam best...
ala2 la usurpadora....cuma pusing2kan lagi storyline tu...

Main cast
watak2 utama....

dari kiri: sunshine dizon....mark anthony fernandez.....luis alandy......alfred vargas....iza calzado

3 mamat utama

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Post time 12-11-2008 11:03 PM | Show all posts
sedikit spoiler....
kalo xnk tau jgn bace...

Iza Calzado as Lara Carreon/Sara Carreon
  • Lara Carreon- Lara is the tougher twin. She always protects her twin sister but unfortunately they got separated when her aunt Gemma (Marini) took Sara to live with them. She experienced first-hand, the cruelty of Betty and Nessa. Will do anything to take revenge on Betty and to find her long lost sister.
  • Sara Carreon- The shy one among the twins. She was more unfortunate after her separation with her twin, Her face was burned with acid by her foster father and became a laughing stock all her life. But that will change when she meets Leandro.
Sunshine Dizon as Vanessa Cayetano/Sara Carreon
  • Vanessa Cayetano/ Nessa- Lara and Sara's cousin who is a complete meanie and gets away with everything because of her good looks and charm. She stole her husband and her mother-in-law's money just to spend it with her lover in some far off paradise. But in order to pull off this stunt, she needs a "replacement" so no one will suspect she left and for her to suffer the punishment that's supposed to be for her.
  • Sara Carreon (IMPOSTORA)- The unlucky "replacement" who shall suffer all the punishment that is due for Vanessa. But because of her good heart and the love she's starting to feel for Vanessa's family (especially to Nicolas), she made them like "the new Vanessa" and decided to stay, but until when can she pull this deception off?
Mark Anthony Fernandez as Nicolas Cayetano- Vanessa's husband who is blindly in love with her. But until when will she able to deceive him? Especially now he's unknowingly falling for the IMPOSTORA.

Alfred Vargas as Carlos Estambide- He is the attorney who will help Lara get out of prison. He will also be the one that Lara will fall for, but why is he helping Lara? Is it an act of kindness or something more?

Jean Garcia as Betty Carreon- The self-centered mother of Vanessa. She and her daughter find ways to get the Cayetano's riches especially now the money that they had before is already gone. The no.1 person who suspects the IMPOSTORA is another person and not her daughter.

Luis Alandy as Dr. Leandro Meneses- Nessa's lover whom her mother hates. At first, he was nice to Sara until her transformation was complete and suddenly left with Nessa, leaving poor Sara behind.

Chanda Romero as Doa Anatella Cayetano- Mother-in-law of Vanessa and her constant enemy in the household. At first, she maltreated the IMPOSTORA thinking it was the real Vanessa but when she knew about the truth, she became her best ally.

Mart Escudero as Yago Cayetano- Brother of Nicolas. Found out about the Impostora and became her ally as well. He also has a love problem that includes Trish and Karen.

Charee Pineda as Trish Alvarado - The day of her birthday she officially made Yago her boyfriend. But Karen showed up telling everyone that she's pregnant and Yago was the father. Feeling betrayed Trish broke up with Yago and flew to the States. Upon her return will she find out the she was fooled by her own sister?

Jenica Garcia as Karen Manansala- Payed by Trish's sister to pose as a woman impregnated by Yago so he would be out of the picture from Trish's life but as time goes on the enemies started to have feelings for each other.

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Alfred Vargas nih yg blakon jd Dino dlm " Pangako Sa'yo " kan???   lain da muke die,   dlu x encem sgt

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 Author| Post time 20-11-2008 12:56 PM | Show all posts
CArlos (Alfred Vargas) dh start muncul dlm episode hari nih

another eye candy to look for!!

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